The Gardens of Tokachi Millennium Forest
win a British garden design Grand Award.

Honor received over excellent competitors
"The most beautiful of all the entries and the best example of the garden designs in the 21st Century." At the Society of Garden Designers (SGD) November 9award ceremony in London, the judges praised British garden designer Dan Pearson and the theme gardens of the Tokachi Millennium Forest in Haobi, Shimizu, Hokkaido, which won the top award, the Grand Award.
Nobody loves their gardens more than the people of Britain and this is where the SGD Awards are held. This is where professional garden designers enter their best works for competition. The SGD, founded in 1981, has 1,700 members from around the world. The winning by Japanese gardens of the SGD Grand Award, which is supposed to be more difficult to win than the well-known British "Chelsea Flower Show" (according to a person in the gardening business), was flash-reported by Jiji Press London Branch.

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A Bequest to Future Generations

Through the long human history, we enjoyed the grace of nature while we occasionally confronted its threat and in 2000 we passed the millennium milestone. Throughout history, humans have strived to go faster, build things larger, and produce more goods while attaching great importance to efficiency. Such a lifestyle has continuously damaged the natural environment around us. The results have been global environmental problems,including global climate change. Where are we heading? We must stop focusing on events immediately in front of us; making decisions based on the short-term view of the human life span, as we have done in the past. It is time now for us to look at the essence of life; having a millennial sense of time based on the life span of trees. What will the natural environment be like when not being exploited by humans, but with us coexisting? We believe that looking at forests and thinking about this question is one step to finding the answer. A philosophy, based on the idea of "carbon offsets" guides the way we conduct various eco-activities at Tokachi Millennium Forest. We create opportunities for people to interact as sightseers and learners with nature through the forest, the gardens, the farms and the arts. We cherish this forest as a valuable asset to bequeath to future generations .

July 1st 2008 Open

While thinking Carbon offset deeply, we produce your time that you can touch nature, and we approach on touring and education by showing graceful gardens, agriculture and art. We hope you enjoy your visit around Tokachi Millenium Forest.

Segway™ guided ride

Let's go out and feel nature by riding Segway.

Fee : 8400 yen for two hours.(30minutes for practice, 90minutes for guided tour)
time schedule: 10:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00, 14:00-16:00

Please come to "Mansard Hall" 15 minutes before the start.

*Restriction : Segway ride tour is for people between the ages of 16-69 years, weighting 45-100kg.
Please make a reservation by 17:00 the previous day.
Tour would be held in rain, but canceled in strong rain or wind. Please dress for walking style and high heeled shoes are not acceptable.